DRAWINKS 1997-98

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Why Fill Up All the Space?
1997, 21x30cm



Why Fill Up All the Space? (Detail)

Where am I?

1997, 30x42cm



Where am I? (Detail)

Finding a Language
1997, 21x30cm



Finding a Language (Detail)

Go, M.E.-Head!
1997, 21x30cm



Go, M.E.-Head! (Detail)

So Much to Say
1997, 30x41cm



So Much to Say (Detail)

At the Edge
1997, 30x41cm


At the Edge (Detail)

Inner Spectators
1997, 30x42cm


Inner Spectators (Detail)

Friends (and Foes)


Friends (and Foes) (Detail)


Three Aspects of Head
1997, 42x59cm


Living Head
1997, 51x64cm



Living Head (Detail)


Head with Hanging Hair
1997, 21x30cm


or, Is It safe to Come Up Yet?

1997, 86.5x116cm


Surfacing (Detail)



The Stream
1994, 21x30cm


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